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Efficacy of rifabutin-loaded microspheres for treatment of Mycobacterium avium-infected macrophages and mice


Two poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) microsphere formulations (A, 10% wt/wt, and B, 23% wt/wt, 1-10 microns) were evaluated for intracellular delivery of rifabutin using the J774 murine and Mono Mac 6 (MM6) human monocytic cell lines. Within 7 days, formulation A released 100% in both cell lines and B released 53 and 67% in the J774 and MM6, respectively. Intracellular release of rifabutin with both formulations caused significant reduction of intracellularly replicating Mycobacterium avium (MAC). In MAC-infected beige mice, formulation B (50 mg, intraperitoneal days 0 and 7) completely eliminated infection by 21 days (p < 0.001), similar to a rifabutin daily oral regimen.

Authors: Barrow EL, Barrow WW, Quenelle DC, Westbrook L, Winchester GA, Staas JK
Journal: Drug Deliv.; 14(3):119-127
Year: 2007
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