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Comparative study of cell cycle kinetics and induction of apoptosis or necrosis after exposure of human mono mac 6 cells to radiofrequency radiation


The possible harmful effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMFs) are controversial. We have used human Mono Mac 6 cells to investigate the influence of RF EMFs in vitro on cell cycle alterations and BrdU uptake, as well as the induction of apoptosis and necrosis in human Mono Mac 6 cells, using flow cytometry after exposure to a 1,800 MHz, 2 W/kg specific absorption rate (SAR), GSM-DTX signal for 12 h. No statistically significant differences in the induction of apoptosis or necrosis, cell cycle kinetics, or BrdU uptake were detected after RF EMF exposure compared to sham or incubator controls. However, in the positive control cells treated with gliotoxin and PMA (phorbol 12 myristate-13 acetate), a significant increase in apoptotic and necrotic cells was seen. Cell cycle analysis or BrdU incorporation for 72 h showed no differences between RF EMF- or sham-exposed cells, whereas PMA treatment induced a significant accumulation of cells in G(0)/G(1)-phase and a reduction in S-phase cells. RF EMF radiation did not induce cell cycle alterations or changes in BrdU incorporation or induce apoptosis and necrosis in Mono Mac 6 cells under the exposure conditions used.

Authors: Lantow A, Viergutz T, Weiss DG, Simko M
Journal: Radiat Res., 166(3):539-43
Year: 2006
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