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Classification of Peripheral Blood Leukocyte Phenotypes and Serum Cytokines in Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease before and after Glucocorticoid Therapy.


Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease (VKH) is an autoimmune disease, and glucocorticoid therapy (GC) is widely used for VKH. We provided a profile of leukocyte populations and serum cytokines in VKH patients under GC. A prospective observational study was conducted on three treatment-naive VKH patients. Peripheral blood samples were collected from the patients before GC (VKH-acute) and after 6 months (VKH-remission), and healthy individuals were used as controls. Proportions of 37-type leukocytes and levels of 27-kind cytokines were measured by mass cytometry and multiplex bead analysis. Property similarity was analyzed using hierarchical cluster analysis. The leukocytes and cytokines were broadly classified into four and three clusters: (1) a cluster with high intensity in VKH-acute consisting of B cells, Th2-like, Th17-like, basophils, and IL-7 and IP-10; (2) a cluster with high intensity in VKH-remission composed of monocytes, neutrophils, IL-4, and TNFalpha; in leukocytes, (3) a cluster with low intensity in VKH-acute and -remission consisting of CD8+ T cells, Th1-like, and NKT cells; (4) a cluster with low intensity in VKH-remission composed of NK cells, Tregs, and DCs; and in cytokines, (5) a cluster with high intensities in VKH-acute and -remission comprising G-CSF, MCP-1, eotaxin, and IL-17A. These findings suggest that inflammatory composition in blood during the acute phase of VKH represents complex hyperimmune responses dominantly driven by Th and B cells.

Authors: Sato T, Taniguchi N, Nishio Y, Ito M, Takeuchi M,
Journal: J Clin Med;2023Dec17; 12 (24) . doi:10.3390/jcm12247742
Year: 2023
PubMed: PMID: 38137811 (Go to PubMed)