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Newborns from Mothers Who Intensely Consumed Sucralose during Pregnancy Are Heavier and Exhibit Markers of Metabolic Alteration and Low-Grade Systemic Inflammation: A Cross-Sectional, Prospective Study.


Robust data in animals show that sucralose intake during gestation can predispose the offspring to weight gain, metabolic disturbances, and low-grade systemic inflammation; however, concluding information remains elusive in humans. In this cross-sectional, prospective study, we examined the birth weight, glucose and insulin cord blood levels, monocyte subsets, and inflammatory cytokine profile in 292 neonates at term from mothers with light sucralose ingestion (LSI) of less than 60 mg sucralose/week or heavy sucralose intake (HSI) of more than 36 mg sucralose/day during pregnancy. Mothers in the LSI (n = 205) or HSI (n = 87) groups showed no differences in age, pregestational body mass index, blood pressure, and glucose tolerance. Although there were no differences in glucose, infants from HSI mothers displayed significant increases in birth weight and insulin compared to newborns from LSI mothers. Newborns from HSI mothers showed a substantial increase in the percentage of inflammatory nonclassical monocytes compared to neonates from LSI mothers. Umbilical cord tissue of infants from HSI mothers exhibited higher IL-1 beta and TNF-alpha with lower IL-10 expression than that found in newborns from LSI mothers. Present results demonstrate that heavy sucralose ingestion during pregnancy affects neonates' anthropometric, metabolic, and inflammatory features.

Authors: Aguayo-Guerrero JA, Méndez-García LA, Manjarrez-Reyna AN, Esquivel-Velázquez M, León-Cabrera S, Meléndez G, Zambrano E, Ramos-Martínez E, Fragoso JM, Briones-Garduño JC, Escobedo G,
Journal: Biomedicines;2023 Feb 21;11(3):650 doi:10.3390/biomedicines11030650
Year: 2023
PubMed: PMID: 36979631 (Go to PubMed)