Primate Monocytes - CD14, CD16 - Ziegler-Heitbrock


Monocyte Gene and Molecular Expression Profiles Suggest Distinct Effector and Regulatory Functions in Beninese HIV Highly Exposed Seronegative Female Commercial Sex Workers.


We have previously reported that the female genital tract (FGT) of Beninese HIV highly-exposed seronegative (HESN) commercial sex workers (CSWs), presented elevated frequencies of a myeloid HLA-DR+CD14+CD11c+ population presenting "tolerogenic" monocyte derived dendritic cells (MoDC) features. In order to assess whether a differential profile of monocytes may be involved in the generation of these genital MoDCs, we have herein characterized the blood monocyte compartment of Beninese HESNs (HIV-uninfected >= 10 years CSWs) and relevant controls (HIV-uninfected 2.5-5 years CSWs herein termed "early HESNs"), HIV-infected CSWs, and low-risk HIV-uninfected women from the general population. Transcriptomic analyses by RNA-Seq of total sorted blood monocytes demonstrate that in comparison to the control groups, HESNs present increased expression levels of FCGR2C, FCAR, ITGAX, ITGAM, CR2, CD68, and CD163 genes, associated with effector functions. Moreover, we found increased expression levels of genes associated with protection/control against SHIV/HIV such as CCL3, CCL4, CCL5, BHLHE40, and TNFSF13, as well as with immune regulation such as IL-10, Ahr, CD83, and the orphan nuclear receptor (NR)4A1, NR4A2, and NR4A3. Through multicolor flow cytometry analyses, we noticed that the frequencies of intermediate and non-classical monocyte populations tended to be elevated in the blood of HESNs, and exhibited increased expression levels of effector CD16, CD11c, CD11b, as well as regulatory HLA-G, IL-10, and IFN-alpha markers when compared to HIV-uninfected women and/or HIV-infected CSWs. This profile is compatible with that previously reported in the FGT of HESNs, and likely confers an enormous advantage in their resistance to HIV infection.

Authors: Blondin-Ladrie L, Fourcade L, Modica A, Aranguren M, de Montigny N, Labbé AC, Alary M, Guédou F, Poudrier J, Roger M,
Journal: Viruses;20220210; 14 (2) . :361 doi:10.3390/v14020361
Year: 2022
PubMed: PMID: 35215954 (Go to PubMed)