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Circulating CD1c+ myeloid dendritic cells are potential precursors to LCH lesion CD1a+CD207+ cells.


Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a myeloproliferative disorder that is characterized by the inflammatory lesions with pathogenic CD1a+CD207+ dendritic cells (DCs). BRAFV600E and other somatic activating MAPK gene mutations have been identified in differentiating bone marrow and blood myeloid cells, but the origin of the LCH lesion CD1a+CD207+ DCs and mechanisms of lesion formation remain incompletely defined. To identify candidate LCH CD1a+CD207+ DC precursor populations, gene-expression profiles of LCH lesion CD1a+CD207+ DCs were first compared with established gene signatures from human myeloid cell subpopulations. Interestingly, the CD1c+ myeloid DC (mDC) gene signature was most enriched in the LCH CD1a+CD207+ DC transcriptome. Additionally, the BRAFV600E allele was not only localized to CD1a+CD207- DCs and CD1a+CD207+ DCs, but it was also identified in CD1c+ mDCs in LCH lesions. Transcriptomes of CD1a+CD207- DCs were nearly indistinguishable from CD1a+CD207+ DCs (both CD1a+CD207low and CD1a+CD207high subpopulations). Transcription profiles of LCH lesion CD1a+CD207+ DCs and peripheral blood CD1c+ mDCs from healthy donors were compared to identify potential LCH DC-specific biomarkers: HLA-DQB2 expression was significantly increased in LCH lesion CD1a+CD207+ DCs compared with circulating CD1c+ mDCs from healthy donors. HLA-DQB2 antigen was identified on LCH lesion CD1a+CD207- DCs and CD1a+CD207+ DCs as well as on CD1c+(CD1a+CD207-) mDCs, but it was not identified in any other lesion myeloid subpopulations. HLA-DQB2 expression was specific to peripheral blood of patients with BRAFV600E+ peripheral blood mononuclear cells, and HLA-DQB2+CD1c+ blood cells were highly enriched for the BRAFV600E in these patients. These data support a model in which blood CD1c+HLA-DQB2+ mDCs with activated ERK migrate to lesion sites where they differentiate into pathogenic CD1a+CD207+ DCs.

Authors: Lim KPH, Milne P, Poidinger M, Duan K, Lin H, McGovern N, Abhyankar H, Zinn D, Burke TM, Eckstein OS, Chakraborty R, Sengal A, Scull B, Newell E, Merad M, McClain KL, Man TK, Ginhoux F, Collin M, Allen CE.
Journal: Blood Adv. 2020 Jan 14;4(1):87-99.
Year: 2020
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