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Cold shock Y-box binding protein-1 acetylation status in monocytes is associated with systemic inflammation and vascular damage.


BACKGROUND AND AIMS: In dialysis patients, vascular morbidities are highly prevalent and linked to leukocyte extravasation, especially of polarized monocytes. Experimental data demonstrate that phenotypic changes in monocytes require Y-box binding protein-1 (YB-1) upregulation. METHODS: We determined YB-1 expression in circulating and vessel-invading monocytes from healthy controls and dialysis patients to correlate results with intima plaque formation and systemic inflammation. RESULTS: Compared to healthy subjects, dialysis patients have fewer classical and more intermediate and non-classical monocytes. Post-translationally modified YB-1 (lysine 301/304 acetylation) is detected at high levels in the nucleus of adherent and invading CD14+CD68+ monocytes from umbilical cord and atherosclerosis-prone vessels. The content of non-acetylated YB-1 is significantly decreased (p < 0.001), whereas acetylated YB-1 is correspondingly increased (p < 0.001) throughout all monocyte subpopulations, such that the overall content remains unchanged. CONCLUSIONS: In dialysis patients the YB-1 acetylation status is higher with prevailing diabetes and intima plaque formation. Pro-inflammatory mediators TNFα, IL-6, uPAR, CCL2, M-CSF, progranulin, ANP, and midkine, as well as anti-inflammatory IL-10 are significantly increased in dialysis patients, emphasizing a systemic inflammatory milieu. Strong positive correlations of monocytic YB-1 content are seen with ANP, IP-10, IL-6, and IL-10 serum levels. This is the first study demonstrating an association of cold shock protein YB-1 expression with inflammation in hemodialysis patients.

Authors: Ewert L, Fischer A, Brandt S, Scurt FG, Philipsen L, Müller AJ, Girndt M, Zenclussen AC, Lindquist JA, Gorny X, Mertens PR.
Journal: Atherosclerosis. 2018 Nov;278:156-165.
Year: 2018
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