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IL-6 augments Fc IgE receptor (FceRII/CD23) expression on human monoblastic/monocytic cell lines U937, THP-1, and Mono Mac 6, but not on blood monocytes


Human monoblastic/monocytic leukemia cell lines U937, THP-1, Mono-Mac-6, and blood monocytes were incubated with various concentrations of human rIL-6 and other cytokines and analyzed for their capacity to bind several anti-Fc epsilon RII/CD23 mAb. A marked and dose-dependent increase in the percentage of CD23+ cells, as well as in the mean channel fluorescence intensity, as demonstrated by FACS analysis, was noted after 8- to 72-h incubation of U937 cells with 1 to 1000 U/ml of human rIL-6. Furthermore, rIL-4 synergized with rIL-6 and rIFN-tau in augmenting the Fc epsilon RII expression on U937 cells, whereas rIFN-tau and rIL-6 showed rather additive effects. The enhancement of CD23 expression on IL-6-treated U937 cells was blocked by anti-IL-6 antibodies. Northern blot analysis, employing cDNA probes for Fc epsilon RII, showed that U937 cells contain Fc epsilon RII-specific mRNA. The level of Fc epsilon RII-encoding mRNA was evidently increased by treatment of U937 cells with human rIL-6, rIL-4, or with rIL-6 + rIL-4. The expression of CD23 on THP-1 and Mono-Mac-6 cells was increased slightly by rIL-6 and markedly by rIL-4, rIFN-tau, or a mixture of them. Approximately 14% of blood monocytes, isolated from apparently healthy donors, constitutively possess Fc epsilon RII. In contrast to the cell lines, the Fc epsilon RII density and the percentage of blood monocytes bearing Fc epsilon RII was not augmented by IL-6. Furthermore, rIL-6, and more evidently rIFN-tau, down-regulate rIL-4-driven Fc epsilon RII expression on monocytes but not on monocytic cell lines. Our findings point to differences in the capability of mononuclear phagocytes to respond to cytokine treatment, which may be differentiation dependent, and suggest separate regulatory pathways.

Authors: Willheim, M., Gessl, A., Berger, R., Schedle, A., Luger, T., Föster, O., Boltz Nitulescu, G.
Journal: J. Immunol., 147: 1837-1842
Year: 1991
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