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Distinct effect of age, sex, and CMV seropositivity on dendritic cells and monocytes in human blood.


We analyzed the impact of age, sex, and CMV on blood monocyte and dendritic cell (DC) subpopulations in 256 healthy individuals aged from 19 to 96 years. Flow cytometry was performed on whole blood within the 4 h following blood drawing. Myeloid (mDC) and plasmacytoid DC (pDC), classical, intermediate, and nonclassical monocytes were enumerated by means of TruCount tubes (BD Biosciences). We provided reference values for mDC, pDC and the three monocyte subpopulations. The numbers of classical, intermediate, and nonclassical monocytes slightly increased with age while the numbers of mDC and pDC did not vary significantly. The level of expression of CD64 and CD163 on monocytes significantly increased with age while HLA-DR expression did not vary significantly. More precisely, CD163 expression level on intermediate monocyte slightly increased with age in women only (Spearman P = 0.019) while CD64 expression increased on monocytes in CMV-positive individuals only. We observed that sex had almost no impact on the numbers of monocytes and DC and on their expression level of CD64 and HLA-DR. We observed a significant decrease in the numbers of pDC with age in CMV-positive individuals, but not in CMV negative individuals. This suggests that the lifelong subclinical infection by CMV could influence the number of circulating DC of lymphoid origin. In contrast, CMV serostatus had no significant impact on absolute numbers of mDC and monocytes.

Authors: Puissant-Lubrano B, Apoil PA, Guedj K, Congy-Jolivet N, Roubinet F, Guyonnet S, Sourdet S, Nourhashemi F, Blancher A.
Journal: Immunol Cell Biol. 2018 Jan;96(1):114-120
Year: 2018
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