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Analysis of selected aspects of inflammasome function in the monocytes from neonates born extremely and very prematurely.


BACKGROUND: Inflammasomes regulate activation of caspase-1, which cleaves and activates interleukin (IL)-1β and IL-18, the cytokines that trigger pro-inflammatory and antimicrobial responses. There is very little known about inflammasome function in the subsets of monocytes (MO) isolated from preterm neonates born extremely and very prematurely. METHODS: A group of 76 very low birth weight patients without early-onset sepsis was divided into extremely preterm (<28 gestational week) or very preterm (28-32 gestational week) neonates. The first blood sample was collected on the 5th day of life (5th DOL) to analyse MO subsets as well as the intracellular IL-1β expression and supernatant concentration of IL-1β and IL-18. Secondary blood samples were collected within 24h of late-onset sepsis (LOS) development and analysed as above. RESULTS: On the 5th DOL, the extremely preterm neonates were characterized by a significantly higher absolute count of MO, in particular in the classical and intermediate subsets, as compared to the very preterm group. The counts of the intermediate and non-classical MO subsets increased during LOS in all neonates. We did not observe significant differences in the intracellular IL-1β expression between the analysed groups. Furthermore, the levels of the analysed cytokines in the MO supernatants were comparable between the extremely and very preterm neonates on the 5th DOL. Finally, a higher level of IL-18 was observed in the supernatant of the extremely preterm group during LOS. CONCLUSIONS: During LOS, extremely preterm neonates excrete a higher level of IL-18 cytokines compared to very preterm neonates. Further studies are required to determine whether this observation is a result of a higher count of the circulating MO or is a true reflection of increased inflammasome function in this particular group of newborns.

Authors: Zasada M, Lenart M, Rutkowska-Zapała M, Stec M, Mól N, Czyz O, Siedlar M, Kwinta P.
Journal: Immunobiology. 2018 Jan;223(1):18-24
Year: 2018
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