Human Monocytes - CD14, CD16 - Ziegler-Heitbrock


Chemokine receptor expression on monocytes from healthy individuals.


Chronic immune mediated inflammation is characterized by continuous chemokine mediated recruitment and activation of pro-inflammatory cells, monocytes in particular. We believe that an evaluation of the recruitment profile of monocytes during healthy condition is essential for the understanding of cellular response in disease. For this, we have established normal reference values and 95% confidence intervals for receptor expression of 20 chemokine receptors on monocyte subsets; classical (CD14+CD16−), non-classical (CD14+CD16+) and HLA-DRhi monocytes from 20 healthy controls using flow cytometry. We demonstrate significant differences in the chemokine receptor expression profiles and high correlation between fraction of cells and level of expression. This is the first global approach to provide a platformfor comparable evaluation of cell recruitment during normal and under inflammatory conditions. Thiswill be usefulwhen exploring chemokine–chemokine receptor interactions, inhibition of chemokine signaling and selective removal of migrating cells, which are newtreatment strategies in immune mediated diseases.

Authors: Sandblad KG, Jones P, Kostalla MJ, Linton L, Glise H, Winqvist O.
Journal: Clin Immunol.;161:348-53
Year: 2015
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