Human Monocytes - CD14, CD16 - Ziegler-Heitbrock


Changes of monocyte subsets in patients with acute coronary syndrome and correlation with myocardial injury markers.


OBJECTIVE: To explore the changes of peripheral blood monocytes subsets in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and its clinical significance. METHODS: A total of 68 ACS patients and 27 healthy subjects (HS) were enrolled. Monocyte subset analysis was performed using flow cytometry: CD14++CD16-(Mon1), CD14++CD16+ (Mon2), and CD14+CD16++ (Mon3). RESULTS: 1. The number of Mon1 and Mon3 were significantly increased in ACS patients compared with HS (P<0.05) and Mon2 decreased in ACS patients (P<0.05). 2. The number of Mon1, Mon2, Mon3 was positively correlated with WBC count (P<0.05). The Mon2% was negatively correlated with the serum levels of LDH, CK, CK-MB (P<0.05). The number of Mon1, Mon3 was positively correlated with the serum levels of LDH, CK, CK-MB (P<0.05). CONCLUSION: The changes in different subsets of monocytes may be associated with pathogenesis of ACS and myocardial injury. The findings might be useful in the assessment of myocardial injury.

Authors: Zhu L, Yin Y, Zhou R, Lin J, Li J, Ye J.
Journal: Int J Clin Exp Pathol.;8:7266-71
Year: 2015
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