Human Monocytes - CD14, CD16 - Ziegler-Heitbrock


Switch to maraviroc/raltegravir dual therapy leads to an unfavorable immune profile with low-level HIV viremia.


Immunovirological consequences of a switch to a maraviroc/raltegravir dual therapy were analyzed in 16 HIV-infected patients with persistent viral load below 50 copies/ml. At 26-week postswitch, the CD4/CD8 ratio decreased and the CD8 T-cell activation increased. A decrease in classical monocytes was associated with a shift toward a proinflammatory monocyte profile and negatively correlated with ultrasensitive viral load. Thus, this therapeutic switch induced a proinflammatory profile probably driven by a slight loss of virus control.

Authors: Campillo-Gimenez L1, Assoumou L, Valantin MA, Pajanirassa P, Villemonteix J, Soulié C, Marcelin AG, Costagliola D, Capeau J, Autran B, Katlama C, Guihot A; ROCnRAL ANRS 157 Study Group.
Journal: AIDS.;29:853-6
Year: 2015
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