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CD16 Expression on Monocytes in Healthy Individuals but Not Schistosome-Infected Patients Is Positively Associated with Levels of Parasite-Specific IgG and IgG1.


Human IgG1 antibody responses are associated with protection against Schistosoma haematobium infection and are now a target for schistosome vaccine development. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between total IgG and the IgG subclasses and the monocyte IgG receptor, known as FcγRIIIa or CD16, in schistosome exposed people. Systemic levels of schistosome-specific anti-adult worm total IgG and IgG subclass titres were measured by ELISA in 100 individuals from an S. haematobium endemic area in Zimbabwe and, using parametric statistical methods and regression analysis, related to the levels of CD16 expression on individuals circulating monocytes, determined via flow cytometry. Monocyte CD16 expression rose with parasite-specific total IgG and IgG1 in healthy participants, but not in schistosome infected patients. Similar to parasite-specific IgG and IgG1, CD16 expression in healthy individuals is associated with protection against schistosome infection. This relationship indicates a mechanistic link between the innate and adaptive immune responses to helminth infection in protection against infection. Further understanding the elements of a protective immune response in schistosomiasis may aid in efforts to develop a protective vaccine against this disease.

Authors: Appleby LJ, Nausch N, Erskine L, Bourke CD, Rujeni N, Midzi N, Mduluza T, Mutapi F.
Journal: PLoS Negl Trop Dis.;8:e3049
Year: 2014
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