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Detection of IL-17A-producing peripheral blood monocytes in Langerhans cell histiocytosis patients.


Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a rare disease of unknown cause with manifestations ranging from isolated granulomatous lesions to life-threatening multi-system organ involvement. This disorder is further characterized by infiltration of immune cells in affected tissues and an association with interleukin (IL)-17A has been reported. Here, we investigated the presence of IL-17A-producing cells among peripheral blood mononuclear cells isolated from LCH patients and observed a high percentage of IL-17A+ monocytes in peripheral blood of LCH patients compared to controls. The IL-17A+ monocytes were also positive for the transcription factor retinoic acid orphan receptor (ROR) γt and showed increased mRNA levels for both IL-17A and RORγt. Notably, IL-17A was produced by all monocyte subsets and the expression level was positively associated with LCH disease activity. These data support a role for monocytes in the pathogenesis of LCH. Future therapeutic approaches may consider identification of patients who may benefit from IL-17A-targeted interventions.

Authors: Lourda M, Olsson-Åkefeldt S, Gavhed D, Björnfot S, Clausen N, Hjalmars U, Sabel M, Tazi A, Aricò M, Delprat C, Henter JI, Svensson M.
Journal: Clin Immunol.;153:112-122
Year: 2014
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