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slanDCs selectively accumulate in carcinoma-draining lymph nodes and marginate metastatic cells.


Dendritic cells (DCs) initiate adaptive immune responses to cancer cells by activating naive T lymphocytes. 6-sulfo LacNAc(+) DCs (slanDCs) represent a distinct population of circulating and tissue proinflammatory DCs, whose role in cancer immune surveillance is unknown. Herein, by screening a large set of clinical samples, we demonstrate accumulation of slanDCs in metastatic tumour-draining lymph nodes (M-TDLN) from carcinoma patients. Remarkably, slanDCs are absent at the primary carcinoma site, while their selective nodal recruitment follows the arrival of cancer cells to M-TDLN. slanDCs surround metastatic carcinoma deposits in close proximity to dead cells and efficiently phagocytose tumour cells. In colon carcinoma patients, the contingent of circulating slanDCs remains intact and competent in terms of IL-12p70 and tumour necrosis factor alpha production, induction of T-cell proliferation and migratory capacity to a set of chemokines produced in M-TDLN. We conclude that activated slanDCs represent previously unrecognized players of nodal immune responses to cancer cells.

Authors: Vermi W, Micheletti A, Lonardi S, Costantini C, Calzetti F, Nascimbeni R, Bugatti M, Codazzi M Pinter PC, Schäkel K, Tamassia N, Cassatella MA
Journal: Nature Communications, 5:3029
Year: 2014
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